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Catamount Institute's Pikes Peak Sustainable Business Network (PPSBN) is an alliance of businesses, governmental, communities, and advocacy leaders working to build and advance sustainability in the Pikes Peak region. The prosperity of our region is measured by the well-considered efforts of a diverse community; taking responsibility for tomorrow by making sustainable choices today.

PPSBN brings businesses together to share best practices and support collaborative efforts to reach a new kind of sustainability standard that improves the triple bottom line.   

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Both market forces and consumer awareness of green business practice favors the success of the PPSBN.  According to a recent survey, the importance of being a “sustainable community” or “green city” ranked very high among respondents.  Eighty-three percent found sustainable business practices to be very important in attracting new businesses to and keeping existing businesses in our region.  Catamount Institute is the only local organization able to generate the credible and successful alliance of businesses and community leaders that is today’s PPSBN.  PPSBN has more than 160 member organizations who are committed to building the Pikes Peak region’s reputation as an economically thriving, environmentally rich, and socially responsible community.




"When it comes to pressing environmental and sustainability issues, Catamount Institute has been able to identify, understand and articulate the growing concerns of business owners, politicians and community members alike. By taking the leadership role in the creation of the Pikes Peak Sustainable Business Network, Catamount has developed the ideal vehicle to motivate us to a more sustainable future." 

Jan Martin, Councilmember, City of Colorado Springs