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Colorado Springs’ First Children’s Water Festival

Over 500 D11 4th Graders Attend the Pike’s Peak Children’s Water Festival!

Written By: Austin Muir, Education Program Coordinator

Yesterday was AWESOME. As a member of the Water Festival planning committee, I had been waiting for months for this day to come.  As we were setting up for the event, early on Tuesday morning, I couldn’t help but acknowledge the exciting energy in the air.  There were approximately 520 fourth graders coming from almost 10 different schools from District 11 and everybody was embracing the “calm before the storm” mentality.  I knew once the kiddos started to arrive that all of our hard work in planning the festival would be justified.

The opening ceremony included the Mayor of Colorado Springs, Vice President of PPCC, and our local representatives from Colorado Spring Utilities.  There were also special visits from a water droplet and T-Rex!

Catamount Institute not only played a role in the planning of the festival but also taught two separate station rotations.  We brought creek water from Mesa Creek at Sondermann Park to do a Macro Invertebrate Survey, and also brought our worm bin to do some Worm Experiments!  The activities were hands-on, engaging, and simply fun for all involved!  Our new Environmental Educator, Kate Bauder, taught Macro and I taught worms.   We saw several familiar faces from Fremont, Penrose, and Queen Palmer Elementary Schools! It’s so great to see familiar students, teachers, and even parent chaperones!

All of the other community partners involved also ran awesome stations!  Colorado Parks and Wildlife brought live fish, there was a Water Wizard in the Gym,  Cheyenne Mountain Zoo talked about how water affects wildlife, and Colorado Springs Utilities taught Enviroscape and even did water relays.  This festival was a beautiful opportunity for many organizations to work together to provide an amazing experience for hundreds of kids—I think it was a massive success!  Thank you to everybody who was involved, including all of the amazing volunteers and the great people at PPCC (we couldn’t have done it without you)!

Check out the photos below of some of the activities, sponsors, and people involved!  I hope next year is even bigger and better!

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