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The Importance of Spending Time near Water

The Importance of Spending Time near Water—A Look at Kids & their Efforts to Find their “Spot” in Nature

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved spending time around water—in it, near it, on top of it in a boat, etc. While working in the field of environmental education, I knew water was important and that a lot of kids enjoyed it, but I gained much more clarity last week about how truly important water is.
Academically, water is a fantastic tool for learning. It acts as an incredible place and ecosystem to explore, study, analyze, gather information, and spark wonder within young naturalists. Last week, I also learned more about how water is an incredible tool for the social and emotional wellbeing of kids.
I heard quotes like “I feel calm around the creek” or “I especially love the noise that the stream makes” multiple times. Below is a story that I had Nathan (a fourth grader) write down, after observing him hanging out by the creek during lunch time at the end of a field trip.

“I really like sitting by the creek.  I love to watch the ripples and the sand on the bottom of the creek bed.  It is interesting to see how the currents effect twigs in the water.  I also love the sound of running of water and the peace, quiet, and serenity of the plummeting water.  I think creeks are very interesting to watch, see, and hear.”  -Nathan 4th Grade

child's quote

I felt the impact of what we do here at Catamount Institute more than ever while reading Nathan’s quote.  We facilitate amazing experiences for kids to not only study nature, but to also find their safe “spot” that promotes reflection, wonder, and calmness.  I hope you spend some time outside this week and find your own spot in nature.  Interested in further reading?  Check out Richard Louv’s book, Last Child in the Woods.

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