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Adventure Camp: The Outback

More Than Peek Behind Pikes Peak

camp type
1 Day + 4 Day-3 Nights
Dates & Locations

Rewarding Adventures

Another Colorado summer and the mountains are calling once again! Adventurers of all levels are welcome to spend a jam-packed week exploring all the opportunities the outdoors have to offer. We’ll have a day teambuilding and bonding with one another and the natural world before we head into our legendary mountains for three nights in cabins and tents. Our backcountry band will forge friendships as they team up to overcome challenges and build skills, as well as hanging out under stars and by campfires. All Adventure Campers will walk away feeling a sense of accomplishment and newfound comfort in our State’s more wild areas.

Dates Times Days Location Status
June 27 - July 1 Monday 9:00am – 4:00pm
Drop off Tuesday 8:00am – Pick-up Friday 4:00pm
Drop off in Colorado Springs at Catamount Institute
Monday - Friday Catamount Institute
Overnight Location: Golden Bell Camp's Outback site and Catamount Center

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NO MORE AVAILABLE GENWILD CODE DEAL, MAX REACHED! Scholarships are still available through our usual scholarship form, sorry for any inconvenience camp spots still available 

Frequently Asked Questions

Please familiarize yourself with our Camp Policies and Procedures.
Have questions? Call Billy at 719-471-0910 x103 or click here to contact us!


Drop off is at 9:00 AM and pick up is at 4:00 PM at Catamount Institute, 740 W Caramillo St, Colorado Springs, CO 80907


Drop off is at 9:00 AM at Catamount Institute. We will be leaving promptly at 9:30 AM for Golden Bell Camp. 


Pick up will be at Catamount Institute at 4:00 PM. 

Our camp staff will be busy preparing for camp in the mornings so we kindly ask you not to bring your child any earlier than 9am.

The overnights at Golden Bell Camp are located at their canvas structures at their rugged Outback site in the mountains. All structures contain twin-sized bunk beds with mattresses but campers need to pack and bring their own sleeping bag, pillow, and any other desired bedding from home. The bathroom and shower facilities are a short walk from the structures. There is little electricity and mobile phone service is limited at the camp in general. 

We will be largely immersing ourselves in backcountry life at Catamount Center. We will be camping as a group in tents with 2-6 campers in each tent. Catamount Institute staff will be nearby in separate tents. There will be an outhouse nearby but no running water or showers available. Electricity and cell service will be limited.


  • Bring a day-pack (small backpack) to carry your belongings for the day
  • Pack a reusable water bottle
  • Any and all medications the campers may need in their original containers with prescriber notes (see additional information in faq question below and in registration forms). 
  • Campers will be outside so we recommend they put sunscreen on in the morning before camp and bring a bottle with them (we cannot provide sunscreen). 
  • Wear or bring a brimmed hat, rain jacket, and sturdy tennis shoes or hiking boots. 
  • Clothing you don’t mind getting wet and muddy as campers will be outside exploring and adventuring. Sometimes an extra pair of socks can come in handy as well.


For the overnight days (Tuesday-Friday) of camp: 

  • Pack a daypack (a smaller backpack) that your child will bring on the van with them containing:
    • Snack, lunch, water bottle filled with water 
    • Rain jacket and a light jacket
  • Pack an overnight bag (large backpack or duffel bag) that will be put into the back of the van containing: 
    • Essentials: 
      • Any and all medications the campers may need in their original containers with prescriber notes (see additional information in faq question below and in registration forms). 
      • Sunscreen & chapstick (we cannot provide)
      • Sunglasses 
      • Brimmed hat 
      • Toiletries: toothbrush & paste, brush, etc.  
      • Glasses or contacts (with solution) if needed 
      • Feminine hygiene products if necessary 
    • Gear: 
      • Sleeping bag (Catamount can provide) 
      • Sleeping pad  (Catamount can provide) 
      • Pillow
      • Headlamp or flashlight with extra batteries  (Catamount can provide) 
      • Camping bowl, tupperware with lid, etc. (must be able to withstand boiling water)
      • Eating utensil (spoon, fork, or spork)
      • Extra zip-lock and trash bag to pack dirty/wet clothes in
    • Warm clothes for night time/to sleep in:
      • Warm stocking-type hat
      • Long underwear and/or long pants
      • Sweater, jacket, long-sleeve, etc.
      • Long, warm socks 
      • Light mittens or gloves
    •  Changes of clothes: 
      • 3-5 short sleeve shirts (at least 1 synthetic-not cotton) 
      • Long sleeve shirt for sun protection and/or warmth 
      • 1-2 pairs of shorts
      • 1-2 pairs of pants
      • Mid-weight jacket or heavy fleece 
      • 4-6 pairs of underwear
      • 4-6 pairs of socks
    • For your feet: 
      • Pair of sturdy, well broken in, closed-toed shoes (if they aren’t already wearing)
      • Lightweight, closed-toed camp shoes (tevas, crocs, tennis shoes, etc.)  
    • Optional:
      • Glasses secure strap to keep glasses on during adventure activities 
      • Insect repellent
      • Cards, books, games, field guides
      • Camera 
      • Other outdoor gear: Binoculars, hammock, compass, etc. 
      • Notebook and pencil 
      • Bandana to keep neck covered/cool in the sun 
    • What NOT to bring:
      • Deodorant or other smelly substances as we will be camping in the outback 
      • Cell phones, video games, TVs, radios, iPods or other mp3 players
      • Knives, pocket knives, sharp objects, or other items that could be utilized as a weapon. If your camper brings these items, the item will be held by staff members until the end of camp on Friday and it could result in the removal of the camper from camp. 
      • We have a zero-tolerance rule for drugs, alcohol, tobacco, weapons and vaping. Brining and/or using any of these items will result in the camper’s immediate removal from camp. Even prescription or over-the-counter medication not accompanied by the required documentation can result in removal from camp.

This camp is great for anyone from those who have never been hiking to the campers who have gone to Catamount Institute camps for years. There may be a decent amount of hiking but this trip is overall easy-going and will be full of fun learning experiences and adventures. 

Homesickness is normal for campers, especially if it is their first time away from home or first time camping. Our staff members will be there to help your child conquer homesickness in a way that builds their confidence and independence. When filling out the camp registration forms, please provide any input that you think will help us support your child.

All employed by Catamount Institute have passed background checks through the state of Colorado. They also go through the application, interview, and reference check process. All are trained in CPR and First Aid with some having higher certifications such as Wilderness First Responder. All summer employees go through extensive week-long training before campers arrive. Instructors have a very diverse professional background ranging from environmental education to outdoor recreation. They all have experience with and a passion for working with children and connecting kids to the outdoors!

Most of our camp experiences have a 5:1 camper-to-staff ratio with none of them exceeding 8:1.

Early bird pricing is available until 3/31. Sibling discounts are available and will automatically be applied when more than one child is registered and is $10 off each registration. Limited need-based scholarships are available click here for the application.

Please pack any and all medications the campers may need in their original containers with prescriber notes. Make sure their name is clearly printed on the medication and instructions of use are included. Check all medications into camp upon arrival to be held by our highest certified medical staff.

At Catamount Institute, we strive to create programs that are enjoyable for as many children as possible. The health and safety of our campers are our top priorities in everything that we do. Due to this, there are some limitations of our program and its staff. We are not able to provide a one-on-one attendant to address a camper’s individual personal needs. We are also not able to accommodate some medical/health conditions that are beyond the scope of our staff’s medical training. Before enrolling a child with any special needs, please contact us to discuss potential accommodations. Our goal is to make camp an equal opportunity for all.

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