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Education and Adventure at Catamount Institute

Catamount Institute’s science-based environmental education programs promote science literacy, outdoor exploration, experiential learning, personal growth, and college and career awareness to students throughout the Pikes Peak region. These programs provide exceptional opportunities for youth to experience and understand their world with an enriched sense of their surroundings.

Our “outdoor classrooms” offer a distinctive atmosphere for learning that provides leadership training, cooperative group projects, and hands-on experiments and service learning experiences that would otherwise be unavailable to these young people. Child-nature based education does not limit what children experience to the purely scientific, but rather heightens their senses, opening their minds to creativity inspired by the profound gifts of nature which engage the whole child.

Catamount Institute extends our learning experiences in an accessible, science-based thought-provoking way.  We engage the mind with exciting, hands-on experiences that lay a foundation for future scientific exploration.  At the core of all our programming is a commitment to ecologically sound and sustainable practices that enhance what students are learning in school.

Lessons are developed to align with Colorado Content Standards for Science with overlap into Math and Geography standards making a natural integration for teachers. Kids experience natural learning in nature’s classroom.

Field Trips

Field Trips

Field trips are a fun and exciting way to get students into an outdoor classroom for hands-on discovery and exploration. Catamount Institute offers pre-designed and custom field trips that are encouraging and exciting to students.


After-School Clubs

Afterschool Clubs

Our after school programs for elementary and middle school students combine environmental science, community service, technology, leadership, and adventure in fun and active after school programs that will get students excited about science and engaged in real research.




Catamount Institute camps are designed with your children in mind.  What can we offer that is so much fun, our campers don’t even realize they’re learning?  Our camps emphasize adventure and fun, and as an added bonus, they are learning about science and nature the entire time.



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