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Wilderness Adventure Camp

Wilderness Adventure Camp –
1 Day + 4 Day-3 Nights Tents/Rafting

Ages 13-15 | $690
July 29 – Aug 2

Challenge yourself and meet new friends who share your wild sense of adventure. Raft down the river, camp in the woods, learn new skils, and leave no tracve!  Lose yourself in the wilderness this summer and discover who you really are.

  • Monday Gear Check
  • 3 Nights Tent Camping
  • Leave No Trace backcountry skills
  • Map, compass, and navigation skills
  • Shelter building
  • No Gear? No problem! You can use ours (backpacks and sleeping bags)
  • Tents Provided
  • Lunch Tuesday-lunch Friday included
  • A rafting trip with Wilderness Aware Rafting Company

July 29 – August 2

Dropoff Monday 9:00am – Pickup 4:00pm
Drop off Tuesday 8:00am – Pick-up Friday 4:00pm


Please familiarize yourself with our Camp Policies and Procedures

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is camp drop-off?

Can I get a ride from Colorado Springs?

How tough is this camp?

Where is the rafting?

Catamount Institute is proud to work with Colorado Rafting Company Wilderness Aware Rafting. The rafting takes place on the Arkansas river which is located just outside Buena Vista, Colorado. Wilderness Aware Rafting offers outstanding guides, 39 years of white water experience, and a unique knowledge and appreciation of the natural environment. Learn more on their site www.inaraft.com


Please click the link below to sign the waiver for the rafting portion of this camp.


If you have trouble with this form call us at 719-471-0910 x106 and we can help.

What should I bring ?

For this wilderness camp in tents, come dressed to be outside all day in the rain or hot sun. Campers will be doing some serious outdoor adventure so please send them in clothing you don’t mind getting wet and muddy. 

Basics (Required)
Backpack (can borrow from Catamount Institute if needed)

Sleeping bag (minimum temp. rating 20°F)(can borrow from Catamount Institute if needed)
Sleeping Pad (can borrow from Catamount Institute if needed, limited supply)
Headlamp and batteries (Flashlight O.K.)
Whistle(Catamount Institute can provide)
2-3  liters water capacity – Camelback style bladder, hard plastic bottles (nalgene style), or metal.Clothing
2-5 T-shirts
1 Long sleeve shirt for sun protection (optional)
1 pair of shorts (or zip-offs)
1 pair of lightweight pants, not cotton and zip offs are good
2-5 pair underwear
4 pair socks wool/ synthetic blend (wear 2 pair, pack 2 pair)
Sun hat (wide brimmed preferred)To keep you warm: NO COTTON
Mid-weight jacket or heavy fleece
Long underwear top and bottom- not cotton
Beanie-type hat
Light gloves or mittensTo Stay Dry:
raincoat & rain pants (NOT the thin ponchos)



For your feet
Hiking Boots(well broken in)
lightweight camp shoes, closed toed

Personal Gear
Camping bowl/tupperware with lid and spoon(must withstand boiling water)
Toothbrush and toothpaste – travel size
Sunscreen & Chapstick w/ sunscreen for lips
Insect repellent  – travel size (optional)
Comb or brush (optional)
Glasses or Contacts (with solution)
Notebook and pencil
Personal Medication if required (with Doctor’s note)
Camera (not phone) – optional
Deck of cards or small light game (optional)
Extra zip-lock and trash bags to pack clothes in for waterproof storage
Duct tape- can wrap around water bottles

For Rafting
Swimsuit and/or shorts
Water shoes/Sneakers/Secure Sandals(no flip flops, no crocs)

Wetsuits and rain ponchos will be available from the rafting company at no additional cost.*

*August on the Arkansas river can be very warm, we do not believe wetsuits or splash jackets are necessary for this time of year but it is a personal preference. If your camper would like these items they should request them at the start of the raft trip.

Electronics/Video Games
Cell Phones
Over the Counter Medications unless accompanied by the correct documentation as listed above.

Please familiarize yourself with our Camp Policies and Procedures

Have questions call Chris at 719-471-0910 x106 or click here to contact us!

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