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Catamount Cubs

Catamount Cubs!

Welcome to a new way to explore nature with your favorite toddler aged 2-4! Each 1.5 hour Cubs session allows you and your early learner to have authentic, age-appropriate, nature-based experiences in a setting that is both wild, safe, and familiar. Catamount Institute’s experienced teacher naturalists and scientists will use daily themes to guide learning in the park. A typical session opens with free- play sensory stations before circle time with songs and movement, followed by a guided nature exploration activity through woods, creeks, and meadows. Splash in the creek and slide on ice as the program changes with the seasons. Dress for the weather as we are often 100% outdoors, though indoor spaces and restrooms are available. Our academic standards-based lessons provide hands-on experiences for getting to know the plants and animals who call Colorado home. Songs, hikes, crafts, science experiments and scavenger hunts will be our tools as we explore with our senses. This adult and child nature exploration program is designed to encourage everyone ‘s comfort in the outdoors. Bring your eager questions and your sense of adventure as we explore and engage together and with the natural world.

Catamount Cubs Spring Session

Tuesdays 9:00am – 10:30am

740 W Catamillo St., Colorado Springs, CO 80907 unless otherwise noted

  • April 9- Signs of Spring –Squishy mud, growing plants, birds returning, and more. Students will wrap up their hike plant seeds in an eggshell pot to wrap up our experiences and take them home!
  • April 16– Rabbits Look for rabbits, burrows, and chews in the park. Play camouflage games, and sing, dance, and hop with our parachute in a hopping good time!
  • April 23– Arbor Day Celebration Songs, story, and our senses will help us explore roots, branches, and flowers across the park to investigate how animals use trees as homes and for food. Our lesson will include a tree planting celebration as we use our shovels to plant seedlings of our own!
  • April 30– Owls Baby owls are getting ready to leave their nests. Learn about these amazing wild birds in this active lesson full of silent flight investigations, scavenger hunts, songs and games that are a hoot for owls of all kinds!
  • May 7– Ladybugs and Insects We’ll bring the bug nets if you bring sharp eyes for insect spotting. This lesson uses ladybugs to explore characteristics and life stages of insects through egg hunt games, silly songs, and lots of live insects of all kinds from the park!
  • May 14– **Rock Ledge Ranch** Territory Days begins May 25 in Old Colorado City! Start celebrating pioneer history early with a special Cubs session at Rock Ledge Ranch. Visit the sheep, horses, chickens, cow and garden, play games, sing songs, and get ready for summer in this special place!

Cost – $5 per person per session

At least one adult must be registered for each two(2) children. Activities are designed for children aged 2-4. Some children may be outside of that range but still able to participate. For children outside that range please call us with questions. Any child who participates in the programming or stations regardless of age will need to be registered.


What if the weather is rainy or cold?
This outdoor nature exploration typically goes on, rain, snow, or shine, unless temperatures and wind push into the “Danger” range on the Childcare Weather Watch Chart. In that event, the program will be rescheduled and you will be refunded. That said, if conditions are in the “Caution” range, the program will go on, so dress accordingly.
Here are some of our favorite tips for layering toddlers for cold or wet weather:
How to dress kids for cold and rainy weather

Can I drop off my child?
No, this program is designed for an adult and child together and is not childcare. You are responsible for the safety of all of the children you bring and the Catamount Institute staff is there to facilitate the activities.

May other family members attend?
Yes, we often have grandparent, aunts, and uncles attending, however, each adult must register and pay the registration fee.

May I bring my older child?
Cubs lesson activities and sensory stations are designed for students ages 2-4 years old. Anyone else may participate but must also register and pay. If you bring an older child you will be responsible for the safety of all of your children so you need to determine if this is possible to do with your toddler.

May I bring my infant?
Many parents bring a younger sibling in a front or back carrier so they can focus their time in nature on their toddler. If you bring a younger child, you are still responsible for the safety of all your children, so you need to determine if this is possible to do with your toddler. Cubs lesson activities and sensory stations are designed for students ages 2-4 years old. If your infant is participating (playing with sensory stations or activity materials) then your infant needs to be registered and paying for the program.

May I bring my dog?
We request that you not bring your favorite dog to this program designed for toddlers simply out of consideration for participants with dog allergies and those who are frightened or unsure of unfamiliar dogs. Thank you in advance for your thoughtfulness.

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