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Riparian Ecosystems

Rivers, streams, and water critters provide a fun and interactive introduction to this semester study of waterways and the riparian areas alongside them. Students are engaged in hands-on explorations of the connections between water plants, insects and the fish who eat them. YES club members discover the implications water quality and chemistry have on insect and fish diversity. Students dive deeply into water as an essential and limited resource for human life, especially in the dry climate of Colorado. They learn about the Colorado River, which no longer flows to the ocean, and make connections between personal water conservation choices and our local Fountain Creek Watershed. In addition to acquiring content knowledge, students have the opportunity to meet experts within the community, take field trips, participate in a fly fishing family day, and enjoy other water-focused adventures.

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  • Family Fly Fishing Days
  • Catch Bugs in the Creek
  • Water Chemistry
  • Water Scarcity and Conservation
  • Animal and Plant Adaptations
  • Service Projects
  • Hydroelectric Power Experiment
  • Food Chains and Bioaccumulation
  • Colorado River Water Rights
  • Riparian Ecosystem Hike
  • Possible Field Trips: Wastewater Processing Plant, Xeriscape gardens, Water Quality Lab
  • Water Pollution

Learning outcomes

  • Learn ecological principles relating to aquatic ecosystems through adventures and experiential lessons.
  • Develop awareness of issues facing the waterways of Colorado.
  • Become better stewards of natural resources as they learn how human choices affect the world around them.
  • Enrich their capacity for systems thinking — understanding the connections between and among components of any type of system.
  • Deepen their knowledge about the biotic and abiotic components of aquatic ecosystems.
  • Practice critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills.
  • Take action in their own community and present their work.

Yes Club Fly Fishing Day

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