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Teacher Spotlight


At Catamount Institute we have the pleasure to work with a lot of amazing teachers in our community. Our Field trip program coordinator,  Austin, recently sat down with one of the teachers he recently worked with. KristiErickson

Name: Kristi Erickson
School: Pioneer Elementary
Grade Level: Fourth Grade

Why do you think it’s important to get your students outside?

“’Cause they’re never outside otherwise.  They play so many video games now—they need to be outside.  It helps them connect better with the earth.”

What’s your favorite outdoor activity to do when you’re not teaching?

“Mountain Biking”.  Kristi has been mountain biking for seven years!

Why did you choose Catamount Institute as your field trip location/organization?

“Because it was outside!”  There are also lots of cool,  hands-on activities for the kids to do”

How did you find out about Catamount Institute?

“Partially online, partially from John Crandell from Old Town Bike Shop.”

What’s your Colorado spirit animal?

“Ummmm. Oooh that’s a good one.  Probably a mountain lion, because they’re pretty awesome.”

What are you looking forward to for the rest of the school year?

“We’re getting ready to do science fair, so I’m getting my kids ready for that.  We also started doing “Maker Space” where we upcycle things that people would normally throw away and make stuff out of it.”

What do you wish others knew about Catamount Institute ?

“Jacob (Mr. Bell) and I talk all the time how easy it is for us to do a field trip here. It’s so stress free from a teacher’s point of view.  I, as a teacher, get to enjoy the field trip and don’t have to worry about doing all of it.  The kids enjoy it too and say “this is my best field trip every.” The parent volunteers love the experience too.”

We wouldn’t be able to do what we do here at Catamount Institute without teachers—hands down.  They do arguably some of the most important work for our community and it was really nice to sit down and chat with Kristi (even on her day off!).  Thank you, teachers, for what you do every single day and for supporting environmental education!

If you would like to connect with Austin you can reach him by email at muir@catamountinstitute.org

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