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Learn about all things that fly, flutter, and float in Earth’s atmosphere in this exciting semester.

YES Club Takes Flight

Aeroecology is the study of the birds, bugs, dirt particles,and other airborne things that depend on each other and live together in the atmosphere above Earth’s Surface. This semester develops students into responsible stewards of the air, learning to balance human needs and the impact of our actions on the atmosphere. YES Clubs begin the semester by learning about the obstacles facing migrating birds. They then have the opportunity to participate in the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Great Backyard Bird Count. Students use birds as the integrating context for learning this semester because migratory birds interact with all aspects of Aeroecology: the wind, weather, and the climate and air quality that controls their changing food sources.  Students examine each of these concepts in turn, building kites to study the wind and observing cloud types.  and even using wind turbines of their own to explore turbine placement and variables in wind farm location.


Learning Outcomes

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