YES Club presents:

Fire Ecology

Wildfires are something we deal with in Colorado all too often. During this semester students will learn about the human, animal, and ecological realtionship to fire.

Wildland Fire Ecology

YES Club students will learn fire’s three ingredients – oxygen, heat, and fuel. Through safely controlled experiments, teachers help YES Club members explore how land, slope, and tree density contribute to the spread of fire.  This semester also examines forestry including tree identification, dendrochronology, forest health, natural cycles of fire, and elements that control wildfire intensity: weather, topography, and fuel density.  Students learned from active wildland firefighter guest speakers and the kids got to get their hands dirty with service projects that included fire mitigation, tree planting, erosion control, and grass seeding for post-fire restoration. Live fire demonstrations relate to school and home safety to the natural and built environment.


  • Burn Zone Visits
  • Fire Safety
  • Tree Planting
  • Fire Triangle
  • Fuel Experiments
  • Tree Ring Science
  • Native Plants & Animals
  • Fire Mitigation
  • Wildfire Types
  • Fire Department Visit Family Day
  • RMFI Family Service Day

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn ecological principles relating to forest ecosystems through adventures and experiential lessons.
  • Develop awareness of how wildfires impact Colorado, shape Earth’s surface and can be prevented.
  • Become better stewards of natural resources as they learn how their choices affect the world around them.
  • Deepen their knowledge about the biotic and abiotic components relying on the atmosphere.
  • Practice critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills.
  • Take action in their own community and present their work.

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