Volunteers make the world go round

Volunteer with us

Research has shown that most people who take responsibility to care for our natural world have been influenced by others who are enthusiastic and show respect for the environment. We are always looking for volunteers who share our interest in caring for the environment and exposing children to the wonders of nature. 


Go outside!

At Catamount Institute, we offer environmental education programs to schools, scouts, and other groups interested in connecting kids to the outdoors.  Our Programs use the lens of local places to build deeper connections to classroom content through project-based learning and hands-on exploration which provide relevant learning experiences for students and an opportunity to make a meaningful difference in their communities.  Volunteering at Catamount Institute is fun and rewarding. Training is provided! Here are some of the ways you can help!

Volunteer Hour Tracking

Why Volunteer

If you enjoy the outdoors and sharing your love of nature with others, then sign up today to volunteer at Catamount Institute! We need your help to connect even more youth to the outdoors in 2019.

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