an after-school club

Young Environmental Stewards Club

YES (Young Environmental Stewards) club combines kids’ boundless energy, creativity, and curiosity with caring, supportive teachers, and an award-winning, hands-on science curriculum.

Semester-long after-school club

Kids are encouraged to sample, handle, and perform experiments to develop an understanding of how ecosystems support human life. Field trips, guest speakers, service projects, and family days broaden students experiences. The semester culminates with a Student Research and Service Symposium at Colorado College, where students follow their own interests, applying what they have learned in a final project that will teach others or improve their community.  YES Club students become ecological stewards who develop a deeper understanding of their dependence on Earth’s ecosystems and the positive and negative impacts their choices can have, one system at a time!

YES participants spend an entire semester meeting after school once a week for two hours. We provide snacks, materials, field trips, guest speakers, educators and researchers that work with YES club members to discover leadership qualities, technology, and environmental science projects throughout the semester.​

Prairie Ecosystems!

Amber waves of grain is a poetic description, but even that doesn't do prairies justice. Come along with YES Club to embark across one of the largest and most vital ecosystems in North America! 
Learn about animals big and small, engineer ways to make energy, play games, visit local parks, and more! (4th and 5th grade)
Current Semester


Wade into the wilds of Colorado's river ecosystem with YES Club to plunge deeper than mere surface level exploration! 
Learn about aquatic animals, engineer ways to clean waterways, play games, visit local parks, and more! (4th and 5th grade)
Current Semester

Say YES to the Future!

What’s next for YES? More embracing of all things wild in Colorado. Next semester we’ll be diving into river ecosystems, after that mountains, and then prairies. Stay tuned more info is coming soon!


Discover all the wonders tucked away in Colorado's forest ecosystems. 
Learn about forest animals, watch how a forests grows, play games, visit local parks, and more! (4th and 5th grade)
Returning Spring 2024
Science in the Sky
Science in the sky is the study of the airborne particles, big and small, that depend on each other and live together in the atmosphere
above Earth’s surface.
Currently only at Centennial, Monterey, and Soaring Eagles Elementary Schools.
Aquatic ecosystems
Water is one of our most limited and precious natural resources, and it allows life to thrive. This semester focuses on everything from water bugs and fishing to hydroelectric power and how they’re all connected.
Fire ecology
Wildfires are scary but natural parts of Colorado ecosystems. Burn damage and ecosystem recovery time are often dependent on our human actions. This semester focuses on forest and grass fire safety, fire-wise landscaping, and fire restoration.
Underground ecosystems
The dirt and rocks under our feet are critical for survival on our planet. Not only do they provide habitats for animals, but they are also essential for recycling matter, growing foods, and providing minerals for our daily activities.

Colorado Animals

Discover all the wonders of the animals living and thriving in our state.  Learn about animal adaptations, dissect a grasshopper, play games, visit local parks, and more! (A 3rd grade program at select schools)
Current Semester (3rd)

Bi-Yearly Science Symposium

Each YES semester wraps up with the completion of a project of the club’s choosing. Selecting the topic that most interested students, they can take action, complete research, or find a creative way to share what they’ve learned. The students present their projects to parents, other clubs, and community members.

Start a YES Club at your school

Get paid to teach a YES Club at your school. We are looking for teachers, parents, or principals who want YES Club for their kids.

If the cost of YES Club is a barrier please apply for a scholarship. We have limited need based scholarships available.