YES Club Spring 2014

 "I think YES club is so awesome.  I'm going to get out more and learn new things."

"YES is a fun place to learn about the environment.  Fun activities help you learn more."













This semester YES club students will study underground ecosystems.  Students are engaged in exploring plant, insect, wild animal, and human relationships to the earth through hands-on science experiments, guest speakers, field trips, and research. 

Catamount Institute’s Young Environmental Stewards, YES Club, is an award-winning, innovative, science-based program designed for 4th and 5th graders. The YES program combines environmental science, community service, technology and leadership in one fun and active after school program that will get students excited about science and engaged in real research.  

YES participants spend an entire semester meeting after school once a week for two hours. We provide snacks, materials, field trips, transportation, guest speakers, educators and researchers that work with YES members to discover leadership qualities, technology and environmental science projects throughout the semester. YES uses four rotating semesters of curriculum so students may participate for one or four semesters and still learn something new every season.


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